Ballast Water Treatment Systems

A leader in UV treatment solutions, Atlantium’s ability to deliver compliance in the toughest water conditions was a driving factor in the creation of the Purestream BWMS.

Purestream meets the highest regulatory standards for all water types – sea, fresh and brackish water. It’s the approved treatment for the worst-defined water conditions down to UV Transmission (UVT) of 40% and intensity of 7w/cm², enabling continuous operation where other BWMS are not allowed to operate!

Purestream Go enables minimum allowed holding time for USCG and no holding time for IMO – you can de-ballast whenever you need.

With One Pass, only one treatment during ballasting is required for IMO compliance. There’s no need to treat the water during de-ballasting.

With PURESTREAM you use half the time and half the energy.

Useful Downloads

PURESTREAM – Product Brochure

Purestream_Brochure_Digital 2022

BWMS Essential Guide