4 stroke Engine Spares

We can now supply literally OEM spare parts and services for Wartsila 4-stroke engines, i.e. through same components’ manufacturers that supply Wartsila itself

Our partner, headed by engineers with more than 35 years of experience with diesel engines, represents various component manufacturers who supply Engine makers.

With warehouses in UAE and the Netherlands, stocking over 20,000 parts worth close to EUR 20MM, we can we can ensure ready availability of spare parts which are backed by the warranty of the individual manufacturer.

To supplement the product offering, we are also able to provide through our partner, Service Support, Technical Advice and Engine Performance Analysis, while also training sessions can be organized for both engines and turbochargers.

·         W 20

·         W 26

·         Vasa 32, 32LN, 32DF, V34SG

·         W32, 32GD, 34DF, 34SG

·         W 38A, 38B

·         W 46STD, 46M, 46GD, 50DF

·         W 46F