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With more than 100 years of experience in design and manufacturing of centrifugal pumps for the marine industry, Hamworthy Pumps offers you flexible designs and alternative forms of construction to match your needs. Their long, proven track record in delivering reliable, efficient products is your guarantee that their pump packages are solutions you can trust.

Find products and solutions within the areas of engine room pumps, pump room systems, firewater pump packages and scrubber systems as well as global sales and aftersales services.

Engine Room Pumps

 Hamworthy Engine Room Pumps

Following the great success of the renowned Eureka, Kværner, Dolphin & Hamworthy Pumps centrifugal pump series, the company has more than 100 years extensive experience in design and manufacturing of engine room pumps.

Tailored engine room pump solutions for all vessel types designed to optimize efficiency and minimise downtime

Taking advantage of the qualities such as compact size and low power consumption, the proven reliability of our engine room pumps means that ship owners can be confident of reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Get access to the company’s extensive experience in marine and offshore industries, and to our expert advice to help you choose the right engine room pumps for your demands and challenges

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Pump Room Systems

Pump Room Systems

Hamworthy cargo pumping systems are trusted by many ship owners because of our unique blend of quality and reliability, coupled with an ongoing research and development programme to accomplish all the expectations in the market. Today, many ships equipped with these pumps are in daily operation worldwide are benefiting from of our high quality products and widespread service network.

Compact design, High Efficiency

Characterized by a separate pump room in front of the engine room, our pump room systems offer easy access for inspection and maintenace as well as great flexibility in choice of prime mover. Hamworthy pump room systems have unmatched capability, with compact configurations for optimum pump room layout, combined with high operational efficiency. The pumps able to operate at optimum performance during any unloading conditions, resulting in higher total system efficiency and lower power consumption.

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