Engineering & Turnkey Services

Ballast & Scrubber Engineering Services

Retrofitting a Scrubber or Ballast Water Management System in a vessel is complicated procedure. Consideration should be given thoroughly to how the  equipment will be installed in a specific type of vessel in terms of engineering, installation cost, as well as long term operation cost. In addition the installation place and time, may vary depending on the situation – at a repair yard or at a berth or even during voyage. All this consideration makes the decision complicated.

MIS together with our partners offer effective cost saving engineering solution with a set of evaluation report and scheduling of retrofitting which include,

  •  Proposal for Scrubber or BWMS system
  •  Installation cost including engineering, equipment and pipe & fittings.
  •  Retrofitting scheduling based on intended installation location and system

Turnkey Services 

Our partners undertake full turnkey jobs for both the installation of scrubbers and BWMS and have extensive references for both types of equipment. This takes a significant burden off the owners as they will only deal with a single party who will undertake the entire project: engineering. procurement, installation, project management.

Ship Design – FEED

Ship Design is optimized from the concept design created during the FEED stage. Our partners’ engineers and designers have experience with many different ship types such as bulk carriers, tankers, container vessels, LNG / LPG carriers, etc. We can supply drawing package basic / detail design and if needed production design, effectively coordinating with yards’ construction practice and standards.