FOUL Release Coatings

Reduce emissions. Boost fuel savings.

XGIT FUEL is a hard foul release hull coating that creates an ultra-low friction surface to increase  vessel performance. Its amphiphilic technology secures a hydrated layer that deters the settlement and attachment of hard and soft fouling species. XGIT-FUEL provides outstanding fuel savings and a CII rating improvement while using only using a single layer of paint above the primer.


Improved application efficiency

XGIT FUEL is a hard foul release marine coating that is easy to apply with standard equipment. It is applied in the same manner as traditional anti fouling coatings. The coating is versatile and has exceptional adhesion to a large number of commercial anticorrosive primers. Because of this, XGIT FUEL does not need a tie coat layer like soft foul release coating systems and traditional anti fouling topcoats. This leads to better turnaround times in drydock and helps shipyards
increase vessel throughput.

XGIT FUEL is an easy to repair coating. Depending on the operational profile of the vessel, it requires only spot repairs of damaged areas during subsequent drydockings up to 10 years after the application


Ultra Low Friction Surface

Highly durable, superior hard foul release

Ultra low VOC (3%)

Propeller Coating

XGIT PROP is a highly durable graphene based propeller coating that is designed to release the growth of fouling and reduce the frequency of cleanings. It also maintains the propulsive efficiency and reduces cavitation damage.


Keep propellers continuously smooth and efficient


XGIT PROP is a highly durable graphene based propeller coating that significantly improves vessel performance and provides marine propellers with an extra barrier against harsh marine environments. XGIT PROP helps maintain peak thrust & efficiency over the docking period. It is easily applied with standard application equipment and if needed, it can be cleaned without damaging the surface. Through our extensive research, we noted issues around weak attachment strength to propeller substrates. This was a key driver for us to develop XGIT PROP and further support the marine sector.

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