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Wärtsilä Gas Solutions offers innovative and energy efficient systems and solutions related to a number of oil & gas segments. The scope includes marine LNG and LPG cargo systems, fuel gas systems for marine vessels, onshore gas terminals, biogas systems, flare gas ignition, oil separation and tank control systems. The business unit has end-to-end responsibility from sales to commissioning of complete systems.

Fully Refrigerated Gas Carriers

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions has long been the preferred cargo handling system supplier for many of the leading owners of fully refrigerated gas carriers. When transported in these ships, the LPG is normally kept at its coldest temperature (atmospheric pressure) and the required equipment needs to be extremely reliable.

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Fully Pressurized Gas Carriers

Most of the vessels in the Gas Carrier fleet are fully pressurized with cargo tank volumes typically in the range of 1 000 m3 to 13 000 m3. Wärtsilä offers modern and advanced solutions for such vessels.
Fully pressurized vessels carry LPG at ambient temperatures and with corresponding saturated gas pressures. The design pressure for fully pressurized Cargo tanks is typically 18 bar(g).
Wärtsilä has developed the new and alternative QiCool design concept, which utilizes the best aspects of both fully pressurized and semi-refrigerated designs. With this approach, the cargo tank design pressure is reduced and cargo chiller units are installed.

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Systems for Ethylene/Multi Gas Carriers

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions has become the largest supplier of complete cargo handling systems for vessels in this segment, covering the whole range of sizes requested by the market today. These vessels are known for their flexibility and can trade multiple types of cargo, from gas to chemicals. Deliveries also include carriers with LNG capacity and dual-fuel propulsion.

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